"GO" the Olfactory Gallery by Zeni1870 near Garda Lake

Set inside the Zeni Winery, the Wine Museum is located in the panoramic Costabella area in Bardolino, on the slopes of the hill that stretches out toward the homonymous town overlooking Lake Garda.

The Olfactory Gallery "GO" comes from the idea of ​​Elena Zeni and the meeting of different professionals who have combined their senses and their vision in the realization of the project.



Olfaction is an often neglected, nearly forgotten sense. The wine’s fragrances are the essence of the soils, the inimitable signature that makes every bottle distinctive.

The Zeni winery presented the olfactory gallery, a new eno-sensory tasting, which is the first of its kind in Italy.

In the tour it's possible to put our olfactory memory to the test, an all-embracing experience, where this neglected sense becomes leading character again.



Elena Zeni has imagined this experiential space, where wine tasting goes beyond the technical boundary to get straight to the heart and mind to leave live emotions.

Go is a real gallery, semi-dark, where, through a path to climb and accompanied by the notes of a music composed ad hoc, with timbres and frequencies that stimulate the olfactory concentration, we can try to recognize, broken down into 14 boxes, the bouquet of two wines.

Each box contains an aroma whose name is not indicated. Then, on the other side of the gallery, the names of the aromas and therefore the solutions to the olfactory test are shown on the other side of the gallery.



A recreational-educational path, an exciting game, but also a unique wine-sensory tasting in Italy. 

A praise to the aromas that tell, through the wines, enchanted lands and territories, included between the lake, the hills and the first alpine mountains, in an area that covers the five great Veronese docs.

Every year in the gallery two different wines are presented, to give light to the whole olfactory range of the production areas.



The concept and the realization of the Olfactory Gallery were entrusted to the set designer Mattia Cussolotto and to the architect Simone Spiritelli, in team with the architect Carlo Fantelli, already author of several projects for Zeni1870.

Paola Bottai, creator of fragrances, is instead the "nose" that "olfactory deconstructed" the Zeni wines.


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