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how wine tasting can improve your life?

Life is a wonderful experience, made of fleeting moments, positive memories to recall every time one needs a positive charge. That's why I've learned to taste wine.

Each one of us has had the opportunity in his life to uncork a prestigious bottle of wine.


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WINE TASTING: VISUAL EXAMINATION - brightness, tears and archs

The journey to discover wine tasting begins in the glass.
Already at first sight the wine speaks of itself, of its history. It’s like the first encounter with a handsome stranger. I do not know who he is, but his look is familiar to me and, at first sight, I can make assumptions.

The brightness

Firstly I should check if my wine has an attractive, bright and pleasant color. A little dull or matt color can be a warning, because it indicates oxidation: my wine may have been improperly stored or it have reached the end of its history. When I am at the restaurant, if I am served with a wine whose color is bad, I should check immediately its scent and, often, I do not even need to taste it to send it back firmly.


The texture

Swirling the glass, the wine creates tears and arches, that give us some information on the texture of the wine. An aged wine, that is a bit denser, will leave thick, viscous streaks (called legs or tears) down the sides of the glass when swirled. When the tears are slow and the arches are thick and tight , the wine has a great texture.

However, if the tears are fast and the arches are wide, such as with still water, probably the wine is young and has not been stored in barrel.


In the next post I will talk about which information provides the color of the wine during the visual examination.







Tema del mio intervento: L'educazione digitale alla degustazione





Milan: a wine tasting, in English, for my ERASMUS / ESN friends 





22-25 Marzo 2015, Verona

We are at Vinitaly to See, Swirl, Snif, Sip and Savour.

Vinitaly is the main event for wine's industries, more than 4,000 exhibitors, 155,000 visitors, including 56,000 foreign visitors from 120 countries . Four days of great events , exhibitions , tastings and targeted workshops to encourage exhibiting cellars operators in the sector, together with a rich conference program that addresses and examines themes related to the supply and demand in Italy , Europe and in the rest of the world .

Here the link to the site of the event , which takes place on March 22 to 25 in Verona: www.vinitaly.com

Siamo a Vinitaly perdegustare i vini di tutto il mondo.
Vinitaly è la principale manifestazione di riferimento del settore vinicolo, oltre 4 mila espositori, 155 mila visitatori, dei quali 56.000 esteri provenienti da 120 Paesi.
Quattro giorni di grandi eventi, rassegne, degustazioni e workshop mirati all'incontro delle cantine espositrici con gli operatori del comparto, assieme ad un ricco programma convegnistico che affronta ed approfondisce i temi legati alla domanda ed offerta in Italia, Europa e nel resto del mondo.
Per approfondimenti vi lascio il link al sito dell'evento, che si svolge dal 22 al 25 Marzo a Verona:  www.vinitaly.com

Guida Viniplus 2015

I'm a taster of the wines guide VINIPLUS 2015: the official guide of the wines of Lombardy in EXPO 2015, also in English .

Degustatrice della GUIDA VINIPLUS 2015, che sarà la GUIDA UFFICIALE dei vini di Lombardia ad EXPO 2015. 

guida viniplus 2015

Presentata in Regione Lombardia, verrà tradotta anche in inglese.