Top 7 Destinations to take your Glass of Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur, we presume you design and redesign your travel itinerary to include places that satiate the oenophile in you. Here are a few places that will appeal to the wine lover in you.


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Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is famous for its grandiose architecture, lush gardens, incredible food, and splendid vineyards. The beautiful Garonne river paints a picture so beautiful that travelers feel they have managed to escape reality, if only for a few hours or days. Bordeaux’s beautiful chateaux and world-famous wine estates have admirers across the world. Oenotourism is a major contributor to the city’s economy and if you are a wine lover, Bordeaux should most definitely be your next stop. Do not forget to visit the Wine Museum to hone your knowledge about wines.


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Douro Valley, Portugal


Renowned world over for its delectable wines, Douro valley is the first demarcated wine region in the world. Surrounded by the Douro River, most wine estates in the region present visitors with breathtaking scenery and sumptuous port wines and table wines. This beautiful countryside region ranks very high on our list of top 7 destinations to take your glass of wine. Most wineries in the region maintain small museums within the estate to enlighten visitors about the history of winemaking in the region.


Lavaux, Switzerland


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Well, they say Swiss people do not export wines for they keep them all for themselves. Lavaux is recognized for its crisp white wines and is an integral part of the global sparkling wine market. Stretching between Montreux and Lausanne, this wine region boasts some of the most beautiful wineries in the world. The area once belonged to Cistercian and Benedictine monasteries and it is believed that it was the monks who converted this barren jungle into picturesque vineyards. Today, this region attracts wine lovers from all over the world.


Nappa Valley, California

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Nappa valley is different from all wine-producing regions of the world as it produces a very wide variety of wines. Nappa Valley’s rich soil and conducive climate are responsible for its vast collection of wide-ranging quality wines. The best time to visit this region is during the Cabernet Season, i.e. from November to April. However, whenever you decide to go, do make sure to book a place in advance as Nappa Valley is home to tourists throughout the year and finding a room on an impromptu visit can be difficult.


Franschhoek, South Africa


If you are an oenophile and are currently visiting South Africa or plan to in near future, make sure to stop by at Franschhoek, a small beautiful town situated in the Western Cape and known for its captivating wineries and splendid Dutch architecture. Also known as South Africa’s culinary capital, the beautiful wineries of the region are nestled between soaring mountains and the picturesque setting will surely take your breath away. Relax, open a bottle of eagle rare and let world-known chefs impress you with their culinary skills.


Veneto, Italy


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Veneto, Italy ranks highest on our list of top 7 destinations to take your glass of wine. Venetians wines are crisp, clean and unforgettable. Moreover, situated amidst towering mountains, furrowed valleys and expansive canals, the wineries of Veneto, Italy, will transport you to another era, an era reminiscent of culinary excellence and regal tastes. Enjoy a few hours in thermal waters with your favorite bottle of wine and conveniently forget the world.




Tasmania, Australia


If you are an oenophile, you must have surely heard of Tasmanian wines, more specifically, Tasmanian cool. Until a few decades ago, Tasmania was nowhere on the wine map. However, in the last few years, this spectacular island, known world-over for its rugged wilderness, has established itself as one of the prominent wine destinations in the world. Tasmania is a top player in the global sparkling wine market and if sparkling wines are your thing, this island is where you should be. Tasmanian wines have a peculiar taste. The dolerite-capped mountains protect the vineyards from wind and rain, creating the right climatic conditions for wineries to bloom.If you are traveling in Australia with having heavy luggage on your car then you must have a pajero roof rack


The list is and will always be non-exhaustive. There is no dearth of exquisite wine destinations in the world, but the 7 destinations mentioned above are surely our favorite.

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