Wine tasting online course

Wine tutorials: A new way to learn about wine.

I’m Adri, sommelier and official wine taster. I’d like to share my passion.


Whit my ONLINE COURSE which provide simple and practical advices for understanding WINE TASTING and choose the right wine for every occasion. 




Everyone can afford a bottle of wine, also a very expensive one, but only those who have mastered the techniques of tasting, will be able to really enjoy it, appreciating the multiple shades of pleasure that wine can gives.

If you are a wine lover, you like to cook, you want to impress your friends, you are a wine producer, you own a restaurant or a wine shop, IlVinoconAdri is exactly what you need to learn about this subject in professional, but relaxed way.




Wine Tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. A sensory examination concern visual, smell and taste-olfactory examination. Learn to taste means to sample the wine carefully, connect the sensations perceived with its history and its evolution and especially learn to express an opinion not conditioned by own preferences.


People reaction, while attending a wine tasting course, are astonishment, admiration and mostly scepticism. Many even think that to be able to taste it’s pointless!

They don’t know that learn to taste wine has several advantages:

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Why Il Vino con Adri is valuable for you

Are you a simple enthusiast or a professional? With WineAdri you can find what you need.

Through our tutorials you can figure out which is the most appealing way to promote wine in your business and make the customers more satisfied and motivated to return, since they will see greater professionalism and passion. Knowing how to choose, store, serve and explain wine is a way to optimize your business and reach customer loyalty.